El Gordo Halloween 2021 Review - Chances of Winning, How to Play and Winning Amounts at a Glance

Those who know the El Gordo Christmas lottery often miss similarly high chances of winning with a high probability of occurrence during the rest of the year. But this does not have to be the case: Because with the El Gordo Halloween draw, a similar lottery takes place every year on Halloween, which can ensure considerable winnings. Total winnings of almost 65 million euros await, so that almost every participant can win once. I will tell you below whether it is also possible to play the Halloween El Gordo in Germany and what you should bear in mind.

How the El Gordo Halloween Lottery Works

The El Gordo Halloween lottery basically works in the same way as the Christmas or summer lottery. Winnings are distributed over a total of 14 prize categories – the main prize or “El Gordo” is the sum of one million euros. Otherwise, winnings of as little as 50 euros can be won here, so that a little pocket money can be won for the Halloween evening. The El Gordo Halloween draw itself is held – how could it be otherwise – on Halloween evening at 10 pm. Therefore, the closing time for late ticket purchases is also 8 pm.

These are the El Gordo Halloween Prize Categories

The amazing thing is that the “El Gordo”, i.e. the main prize, can bring you up to ten million euros – which is even higher than the Christmas lottery main prize. In this prize category, there will only be one winner, but here, too, every ticket is available in series, so that several people can be happy about the huge prize. The main prize is followed by these prize categories:


  1. Segundo: The second highest prize is 100,000 euros.
  2. Tercero: The third place offers 50,000 euros in prize money.
  3. Cuarto: If you are right with your ticket number, you can look forward to 25,000 euros.
  4. La Pedrea: All drawn ticket numbers can go home with a prize of 8,000 euros.

The remaining winning possibilities refer to the starting and ending numbers of the tickets and provide you with winnings of 50 euros up to 10,000 euros. So there is a wide range of prize amounts that are possible here, so the excitement of the El Gordo Halloween draw should not diminish at all.

El Gordo Lotterie Ziehungsbälle aus Holz
The traditional El Gordo draw balls are made of wood and numbered with the ticket numbers.

How to Participate in Halloween El Gordo

Assuming a total of 100,000 tickets for the El Gordo summer lottery and over 35,000 wins, the probability of winning is around 35%. Although this does not show what the prize might be, every third ticket can bring home a small to large prize sum that can finance a summer holiday or simply a new purchase. By the way, the payout of the El Gordo summer lottery is more than 70 percent, so you can look forward to a fair game of chance. By comparison, the probability of winning the German lottery is 1:25,000, which is much lower. 

El Gordo Summer Lottery Prize Classes at a Glance

If you want to play the El Gordo Halloween Lottery, you can do so in a particularly easy way: You can buy a ticket for the El Gordo Halloween draw from abroad via online lottery providers – a whole ticket costs only 120 euros and is thus considerably cheaper than the tickets for the Christmas draw. If you want to buy a ten-ticket lottery ticket and follow the example of many Spaniards, you can also get in on the action for as little as 12 euros. These tickets can also be chosen:

  •  Half a ticket
  • One fifth
  • One twentieth
  • One fiftieth

If you buy your ticket online, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Locally, the ticket will be issued in paper form, which can then be redeemed at the Loterias y Apuestas.

What are the El Gordo Halloween odds?

Here, a total of one million tickets (can vary from year to year) meets a total of 320,000 or more prizes, resulting in a very good ratio. Because: More than 30 percent of all El Gordo Halloween tickets can register a win – even if it is only 50 euros. This means that the probability of winning is almost as high as in the El Gordo summer lottery – and at least five times higher than in the traditional Christmas lottery.

Here's What You Need to Know to Win the El Gordo Halloween Lottery

If you have won a prize with your ticket, you should notify the relevant state authority within three months. However, foreign customers buy their tickets online anyway, so they are automatically notified of winnings and get them paid out without any further action. The advantage of online providers is that waiting times can be greatly reduced – they determine the winners and check the processes directly after the El Gordo Halloween draw. So it’s a sweet reward right at Halloween time, which is why we can recommend one or the other provider to you.

Conclusion: El Gordo Halloween Shakes Up the Lottery Industry

As you have now learned, there is more to discover in Spain than just the well-known Christmas lottery. In contrast to the El Gordo Halloween winning numbers, this one is not quite as convincing anyway – also when it comes to the price of a whole ticket. Although the Spanish Christmas lottery is a big and joyful event throughout the country, real insiders know that you can also experience thrills and high winnings all year round by getting involved with the other El Gordo lotteries. Because of the ease of play, lower prizes, high odds and sometimes very high prize amounts, this lottery is recommended to anyone who wants to try one of the Spanish draws.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions From Other Players and Important Answers

Here, all the frequently asked questions from previous players about El Gordo Halloween are listed and answered, so that you can act even better and secure success. Because the topic will be covered in detail, it is also important to remember the following insights.

When is the El Gordo Halloween draw?

The drawing of the winning tickets always takes place on 31 October at 10 pm. This is to give the Halloween celebration – which is also becoming more and more popular in Spain – an optimal and exciting climax.

How much does a whole El Gordo Halloween ticket cost?

A whole El Gordo Halloween ticket currently costs 120 euros, although shares are also available for 12 euros, for example. As always, the tenths are the most popular parts of the ticket.

Has anyone ever won at El Gordo Halloween?

Since El Gordo Halloween has existed, several winners have already been able to call the main prize their own. This is why the Spanish lottery of this variety is becoming more and more popular, as has been shown.

How long has El Gordo Halloween been around?

El Gordo Halloween was launched for the first time in 2018, so it was not very well known at the beginning. However, the lottery is now firmly integrated into the Spanish lottery and for some players it is hard to imagine life without it.

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